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“As headmaster, Z. Vance Wilson thinks carefully about what boys must understand about life if they are to become whole, morally and intellectually. He leans against the ephemeral values that surround his students and tries to communicate what is real and enduring. He’s their last chance, in a sense, before they’re buried by college and adult life.…Wilson writes in the knowledge that his voice will echo in memory for his boys. As his title conveys, it’s a message conveyed by headmaster, and heard by the boys, ‘each day.’”
–From the Foreword by David Ignatius, best-selling author and award-winning Washington Post columnist

“Imagine an educator in this self-seeking age who cares about something more important than test scores, college admission, and financial success. Imagine an educator in this cynical age who talks about God, heroism, and self-sacrifice. Z. Vance Wilson is a voice crying in the wilderness of an age in which young people are starved for meaning and thirsty for purpose. Each Day: A Veteran Educator’s Guide to Raising Children is a book every parent and teacher should read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.”
–F. Washington Jarvis, Headmaster Emeritus of the Roxbury Latin School and director of the Educational Leadership and Ministry Program at Yale Divinity School